Braille Inspection

BrailleProof inspects, translates and verifies Braille for added or missing dots.

Digitally verify Braille

Manually checking Braille can take hours no matter your method.


Digital verification is fast and accurate every time.

Detect missing or added dots

Be sure every single dot is being printed correctly.


- detects missing or added Braille dots

- translates Braille during inspection into readable text

- measures Braille dot spacing

- extensive reporting, detailing pass/fail for each Braille dot

- color coding allows for easy analysis of flawed dots

- 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 compliant

- validation available

Ensure Braille is readable

Translate Braille in Global Vision so anyone can understand it.

BrailleProof meets all Braille standards for pharmaceutical & health- care Braille packaging, including the Marburg Medium.