Global Vision - Automated Inspection Systems


Protect your business and brand value by catching errors on documents and packaging components as early as possible. Global Vision delivers reliable end-to-end quality control that maximizes efficiency by removing the need for time-consuming and inaccurate manual checks. The end result is pristine packaging on store shelves that get to market quicker and stays there, without the risk of costly recalls or reprints.


The software- and scanner-based tool is used to check the quality and accuracy of texts, artworks, images, color, braille and barcodes on digital files (pdf, word, ai, xml, tiff, etc.) as well as already produced labels, cartons, leaflets, tubes, cans and more. 





June 2019 - Global Vision Reseller Sales Seminar


The DSL team will join the Global Vision partners in Frankfurt from the 7th to 9th of June for the Reseller Sales Seminar.



May 2019 - Marabu Emea Partner Meeting


The DSL team will join Marabu for the partner meeting from the 29th to 31st of May in Antalya. 


May 2019 - 3rd Annual Reseller Technical Seminar

The DSL Team will join Global Vision in Montreal for the 3rd official reseller meeting from the 7th to 9th of May. 



January 2019 - Global Vision C8 Cylindrical Scanner


Global Visions new cylindrical scanner (C8 - check it out) is now available for testing and workshops at the DSL HQ showroom in Poland.